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Giovanni Mappa (Owner)

 GMnt Giovanni Mappa Knowledge Systems Engineer

Engineer independent researcher, working in the context of real-world applications of Knowledge Engineering. Specializing in the creation of the Interdisciplinary Models of Knowledge, aiming at developing tools and performance solutions in the management of processes and the simplification of complexity.


“A good idea comes from our genius or by fortune,

but its value comes from the process of knowledge…

which is able to change it into a competitive benefit”  (G.M.)

[EN] Biogas from Farm Waste

systemBiogas Renewable Energy

At “Masseria del Duca” Inauguration of the first biogas plant in Puglia (South Italy)


Waste Management-Farm Energy

The anaerobic digestion of animal waste produces “biogas”. Biogas is typically made up of 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide. Since methane is easily combusted, it makes for a good source of energy. There are many ways to produce biogas from farm waste, whether the waste come from pigs, chickens, or cows. But, what do you do with this energy on a farm? Is it cost feasible to construct a miniature plant to make the biogas? If the energy can be used and the price tag can be justified and it solves a waste disposal problem, then making biogas appears to be a great option for farmers.
Here is how system works: First, the farm waste is feed to pre-mixing tanks where it is heated to 100 °F (38 °C) which is the optimal temperature for the digestion (or breaking down) of the waste to take place. Next, the feed is sent to reaction tanks where the waste is broken down and gives off biogas. The methane from the reactors is used to power an engine which turns a generator to produce electricity.

[IT] L’industria Agroalimentare incontra l’impronta idrica – Venezia 5 Luglio Workshop AISM – CVR

Strumenti di Green Management



[EN] Understanding the Relationship Between Water, Energy and Food Security

A blog by Rebecca Welling, Project Officer with IUCN’s Global Water Programme.

Recognition and understanding of the closely-bound interaction between water, energy and food production and use – the ‘nexus’ – is established in these sectors, but perhaps for many, ‘this nexus’ is still not entirely understood.

[EN] Business Modeling & Development

Business Modeling & Development (BMD) – Service

Innovation -> Value -> Quality -> Marketing

Our business deveopment approach is based on enhancing of:

  • Valuequality, efficiency
  • Reputation: quality, marketing
  • Sales: marketing, economy
  • Profit: economy, efficiency


BM = f (Value, Reputation, Sales, Profit)



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MBBR/IFAS Model: Math Procedure for Upgrading of existing WWTP by using Carrier

Hydroxyl-Pac (biofilm growth under magnification) TRANSPARENTThe  Mathematical Procedure aims at to  evaluate  the capacity of the purification, in terms of removing carbon and nitrogen (C, N), in pre-existing activated sludgeplants (AS), avoiding structural modifications on biological reactors volume, but integrating them with IFAS/MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technological solution. The functionality of the biomass suspended (MLSS) is enhanced with an additional system to immobilized biomass, through the use of a system consisting of granular plastic supports high ratio surface/mass  (Carrier). The added Carrier creates a natural habitat for the development of a biofilm layer (adherent biomass), mainly responsible for the phenomena of nitrification of ammonia contained in the sewage to be purified. The IFAS math procedure, although starting from technical-scientific and experimental approach available in the literature, it is defined by a heuristic model that allows to determine the “equivalent effect induced” as process IFAS / MBBR, or the”virtual increase in volume” of the reactor AS (ie concentration of total biomass), as a result of the integration process with the immobilized biomass in IFAS.

In other words, the WIFAS procedure assimilates the reactor AS, enhanced with the process IFAS, to a “increased” reactor volume, having a final behavior equivalent to that of a dimensional expansion of the initial reactor AS.
The WIFAS math procedure integrates SWater or WWTP/check code.


The IFAS procedure is also available in MS-Excel file to be better used as a checking tool and test.


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