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[EN] Water Quality EarlyWarning: 2WQI on-line index


WQI- Unfailing Water Quality

Why it is so important to measure and evaluate in real time the quality of water with respect to its conformity with the target?

It is sufficient to think about the drinkng water vulnerability, with reference both to events of accidental pollution, that intentional, but the concept also applies to the secondary water management.

Having a pre-alarm signal (Early Warning) and a timely measurement of water quality, it can preserve phenomena induced by even very dangerous for health and for the management of the same water compared with the legal requirements.

Here is showed a “knowledge model based” software sensor (2WQI), that by using the class of origin and destination of water, it is able to interpret and extrapolate the on-line Quality Index of water (on a standardized scale 0-100), and the Quality /Compliance rate (2WQI). This is a special “Fuzzy” algorithm software application, able to interpret a measure of a “cluster” of on-line low-cost sensors as:  pH / ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity, ISE, etc..

The basic concept of 2WQI comes from the most well-known (but assessable only “off-line”) WQI quality index, developed in the early ’70s by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to compare the quality of different water bodies and monitor the variations in time of the quality of a water body.

This algorithm is available as code to implement the common monitoring systems (PLC / SCADA).

At a glance:

  • EarlyWarning approach by use of real-time Trend Analysis. Thanks to Knowledge embedded Software Sensors, it is possible to make a Fuzzy Fusion among values from water quality on-line parameters, water process knowledge base and trend analysis forecasting, referring to required compliance of each industrial water re-use.
  •  A Bi-dimensional Water Quality Index (2WQI) will be developed as a real-time measurement of water management performance in terms of specific water quality (pollution level) and compliance (rate of respect of limits required in industrial process).

In fact, one of the technological limitations regarding the guarantee continuity and quality of the service integrated water, depends primarily on the ability to detect in real time, alarm events (early warning), the trend function and symptoms that frequently precede the occurrence of events critical process and /or operating / maintenance.

The ability to generate real-time information with the model 2WQI is an important advantage especially in the application of:

  • risk monitoring and security;
  • energy savings and process optimization;
  • monitoring of maintenance (predictive) according condition;
  • control and regulation of complex systems.

See also:  ASWR-Fuzzy-Logic-Water-Quality-Index-and-Importance-of-Water-Quality-Parame.pdf_2189


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