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Giovanni Mappa (Owner)

 GMnt Giovanni Mappa Knowledge Systems Engineer

Engineer independent researcher, working in the context of real-world applications of Knowledge Engineering. Specializing in the creation of the Interdisciplinary Models of Knowledge, aiming at developing tools and performance solutions in the management of processes and the simplification of complexity.


“A good idea comes from our genius or by fortune,

but its value comes from the process of knowledge…

which is able to change it into a competitive benefit”  (G.M.)

[EN] Advanced Process Control Service

Advanced Process Control & Artificial Intelligence (APC/AI) – Service

Data -> Info -> Knowledge -> Fault Detection

Process Optimization begin with a deep Knowledge and Understanding of process …

Our APC  approach is based on enhancing of:

  • Data Validation & Qualification (ISO/IEC 9126)
  • Multivariate Data  & Trend Analysis (Data Mining – Knowledge extraction)
  • Process Performance Analysis (KPI) – Early Warnings (EWS)
  • Fault Detection & Diagnosis (FDD) – Modeling & Forecasting
  • Econometric Modeling & Optimization.


APC =f (KPI, Early Warning, Fault Detection, Modelling)

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