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MBBR/IFAS Model: Math Procedure for Upgrading of existing WWTP by using Carrier

Hydroxyl-Pac (biofilm growth under magnification) TRANSPARENTThe  Mathematical Procedure aims at to  evaluate  the capacity of the purification, in terms of removing carbon and nitrogen (C, N), in pre-existing activated sludgeplants (AS), avoiding structural modifications on biological reactors volume, but integrating them with IFAS/MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) technological solution. The functionality of the biomass suspended (MLSS) is enhanced with an additional system to immobilized biomass, through the use of a system consisting of granular plastic supports high ratio surface/mass  (Carrier). The added Carrier creates a natural habitat for the development of a biofilm layer (adherent biomass), mainly responsible for the phenomena of nitrification of ammonia contained in the sewage to be purified. The IFAS math procedure, although starting from technical-scientific and experimental approach available in the literature, it is defined by a heuristic model that allows to determine the “equivalent effect induced” as process IFAS / MBBR, or the”virtual increase in volume” of the reactor AS (ie concentration of total biomass), as a result of the integration process with the immobilized biomass in IFAS.

In other words, the WIFAS procedure assimilates the reactor AS, enhanced with the process IFAS, to a “increased” reactor volume, having a final behavior equivalent to that of a dimensional expansion of the initial reactor AS.
The WIFAS math procedure integrates SWater or WWTP/check code.


The IFAS procedure is also available in MS-Excel file to be better used as a checking tool and test.


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